Russian fighter jet intercepts U.s. aircraft: ‘Unsafe and unprofessional’

A Russian fighter jet intercepted a reconnaissance aircraft of the U.s. navy over the Black Sea. “Our pilots and crew were in danger,” says a document of the U.S. Navy, writes CNN.

The Russian SU-27 flew immediately to the U.s. EP-3 at high speed, making the American aircraft turbulence encountered. The SU-27 flew a second time for the American unit and switched on his afterburner. That caused vibrations for the American plane. The US Navy declared that its pilots and crew in danger were brought in by the ‘unsafe and unprofessional’ flight of the SU-27.

American officials have not yet been able to determine how close the SU-27 for the EP-3 was flying. Yet, they find the flight behavior of the Russians adequate to the situation as dangerous to label

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