RTV and AVS start partnership

RTV and AVS start partnership

That RTV and AVS join hands, is big news professionals in the netherlands. However, close stations, increasingly, partnerships through joint cost savings, their independence and market position. Insiders and mediawatchers were, however, pleasantly surprised to discover that just these two players, the yes-word. That there is no merger or acquisition, but of a close collaboration and that the two regional stations with different geographical orientation for choose each other, is certainly not commonplace.

The digital and technological developments follow each other in quick succession. Especially in the television sector. That brings challenges, but also opportunities. From a common vision on the future choose RTV and AVS for a renewed business model and a close cooperation on different levels. Both stations believe that with this partnership, relevant nieuwsmerken able to continue and the position could further improve by the regional map to pull in all of their

AVS and its mediaregie ORR bvba, the licence-holder broadcaster in Flanders (Meetjesland, Gent & Kanaalzone, the Flemish Ardennes and the province of Zeeland). RTV focuses on the districts of Turnhout and Mechelen.

“Lately there has been a lot of thought about the to follow strategies. We have always closely kept in contact with the people from the RTV. Both channels did individual research on the course in the future. The conclusions of these studies showed results that strongly for each other them. Both channels have the same vision for the future and which was now converted into concrete plans. We now look forward to this in the implementation!” says Ilse De Coninck, General Manager of AVS.

RTV and AVS are consciously opting for a transparent, intensive and official co-operation in which the identity and independence of both channels is maintained. The broadcasters go maximum focus on cost and process optimization for their commercial and editorial position in the media landscape, to consolidate and to strengthen for the future.

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