Rihanna: Trump, stop my music

Via a journalist of the Washington Post heard about Rihanna that Trump one of her hits Sunday turned during his political rally in Chattanooga. On Twitter he wrote: “Currently blaring Rihanna’s hit Don’t stop the music through the speakers, while assistants free Trump-shirts the audience throw-in.” Rihanna was not amused, and let it know immediately. “Not for long”, she wrote. “I myself nor the people around me would ever go to one of those awful rallies.”

Rihanna is not the first artist that demands that the president stop with the turning of his or her music. Last week showed Pharrell Williams know the president to want to sue. His hit Happy was filmed during a political rally in Indiana, a day after the shooting in the synagogue in Pittsburgh, where eleven people were killed. “On the day that a deranged nationalist, a mass murder commits, you played the song Happy. There is nothing at all ’happy’ to such a tragedy and you have no permission for this track to play,” said Pharrell when. Also Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and the heirs of Prince have Trump threatened with lawsuits because of the use of music without their permission.

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