Research Bart De Pauw has not yet completed

Do you still remember where you on Thursday night november 9, 2017 at the time that the news became known that Bart De Pauw by the VRT at the door was taken after allegations of misconduct? We were then in the press room of Steracteur Sterartiest. Suddenly the course of this program is not important for more and went all the eyes in the direction of Bart De Pauw a movie online had been that he was away at the VRT. Bart De Pauw was by the VRT at the door turned and he took matters in their own hands to that news. There is a lot since then about the case of Bart De Pauw written. All that time, it was Bart De Pauw barely in the public and the investigation against Bart De Pauw is still going on. In the Day All we read this week that the investigation is still ongoing. The reason for this? There would be additional investigations are requested. By whom? That is a well-kept secret.

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