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Refugee Spanish rapper Valtònyc remains uncertain fate

The Ghent chamber of incrimination has Tuesday not yet issued a ruling on the surrender of the Spanish rapper Valtònyc. Because of his controversial lyrics, he was in Spain for three and a half years in prison sentenced, after which he went to Belgium and fled.

The chamber of incrimination (KI) will be the first two preliminary questions to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg in connection with the penalty, and will only then decide on any tradition. By the questions referred, the case was postponed until 22 January, but it is unlikely that the European Court of Justice have already answered will have.

“Our client remains free, subject to conditions. I suspect that in January the final decision of the European Court. The AI will now ask to Luxembourg, what punishment they should take, ” says lawyer Paul Bekaert.

‘For convictions of lese-majesty towards the European Court has ruled that they are in conflict with the rights of man and the freedom of the expression. It was very rough texts, but actual threats were not’, argued the lawyer earlier.

The court ruled in the past that there was no existence of terrorism and also be the charges of lese-majesty towards and threats.

Released under terms and conditions

Josep Miquel Arenas, the real name of Valtònyc, there is last year in Spain guilty of found that he in his lyrics terrorism was glorified, the crown had provoked and politicians had threatened with death. The supreme court confirmed the sentence in February, despite protests throughout the country.

The deadline for the beginning of his sentence in Spain on may 24, but he was already gone abroad. The rapper posted a photo on Twitter of himself and a family member, taken on the Korenlei in the historic centre of Ghent. Valtònyc offered later at the police and by the investigating judge released under conditions.

The Ghent department of the public prosecutor’s office Eastern region received last summer a European aanhoudingsmandaat for Valtònyc. The court decided on 17 september, however, that he not surrendered. The prosecution went in appeal, which the Ghent chamber of incrimination must now decide about a surrender.

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