Poppies and politicians ready for the commemorations of the “Great war”

Heads of state, brass bands, klaproosverkopers and tourist services are making to the one-hundredth anniversary of the Ceasefire to celebrate. But that doesn’t happen everywhere wrinkle-free.

Few things are in Great Britain to be holier than the red poppy, ‘poppy’ from the poem by John McCrae. The whirring rose’, such as Tom Lanoye she translated, is the symbol for the million dead …

Few things are in Great Britain to be holier than the red poppy, ‘poppy’ from the poem by John McCrae. The whirring rose’, such as Tom Lanoye she translated, is the symbol for the million deaths that the country is lost, partly in Flanders fields.

Who in England, a paper, opspeldbare ‘remembrance poppy’ purchase, giving a donation, ‘Poppy Appeal’, a liefdadigheidsinitiatief of the Royal British Legion (RBL), which raises money for families of fallen soldiers. It appears that there is now massive brooches, jewellery, scarves to be sold, without the registered RBL-label, that the good purpose whatsoever.

That a bunch of fraudsters fake poppies sell for private gain, in the week before the Armistice, is a national disgrace.


Also in other countries of the British Commonwealth poppies these days. In Canada, it is recommended to use the symbol left to bear, as close as possible to the heart. Canada lost 60,000 men in world War I and his prime minister Justin Trudeau is coming this weekend to France to flowers to lay down in Vimy. In april 1917 conquered the Canadian soldiers there, a hill on the Germans, at the expense of more than 10,000 victims.

Trudeau then goes to Paris, where the French president Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, november 11, also Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and more than sixty other leaders receive, at the end of the ‘Great War’ to commemorate. For Macron is the culmination of a week-long ‘oorlogstournee’ along 14 rural towns, which he especially his low popularity will boost. He warns against the popularity of the extreme right, that ‘Europe is once again in armed conflict wants to deposit’.

Without Tusk

In his international reflection on peace had Macron also like Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, at had. Who lives, however, already forty years the celebration of the Polish independence (that is, 100 years ago) in Warsaw. Tusk wanted to lay flowers at the monument for the Unknown Soldier, but is not sure whether the conservative president Andrzej Duda that will allow. And yet more ‘war to the war’: several political leaders, would be the commemoration boycott as a protest against the ruling Law and Justice party.

Wry feeling, great resentment

Germany, for its part, does not provide a national remembrance of the nearly three million dead in Belgium and France fell. The Armistice on 11 november has a different meaning: they led to violent riots, the end of the empire, and years of great inflation and hunger. That all led to a sharp feeling and great resentment, that in 1933 the Nazi party to power brought.

For that reason, commemorates Angela Merkel, the Truce with them in Paris. That is remarkable, because staatsleiders of countries that oorlogsleed knew, the commemoration in their own country to attend. The German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier pulls even to London, to be there with the British royal family in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey to attend. Hyperactive by the way, that British royal family in the coming weekend. For Great Britain, the First world War, a heroic victory.

Clocks at 11 hours

The German parliament plant, strikingly enough, however, a memorial service, but that is a combination of the beginning of the German republic (100 years) of the crystal night (80 years) and of the fall of the Berlin Wall (29 years). Like everywhere, there are in Berlin also exhibitions, concerts, political debates. And the bells will ring, Sunday at 11 am, like in many places in the world.


The hundredth anniversary of the end of the great world on fire is also in many other countries commemorated with music, kunstacties around poppies, eucharistic celebrations and ceremonies. Here and there on 11 november at 11 am on pause, or silence is observed. Some countries or peoples are trying to make their contribution to the peace of oblivion. Earlier this year we opened in Villers-Bretonneux, a prestigious Australian museum. In Busseboom was a Chinese monument, and just in Smethick the first statue of a Sikh soldier, revealed.

In Belgium snatch king Filip and queen Mathilde Sunday off to Brussels for a military ceremony at the congress column, and at Ypres, where a special version of the Last Post at the menin gate is on the agenda. There will, in the absence of the world leaders in Paris, the ambassadors of the former countries of the former Commonwealth, are present. Princess Astrid pulls to Ville-sur-Haine, where a new memorial is unveiled for George Lawrence Price: he was the last soldier killed before the Armistice went in.

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