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Podcast: Dash and decentralized Governance

How is it, for a decentralized organization for work? This is the question Jan Heinrich Meyer of the Dash, the Embassy answered in us-CH in this episode from the BTC-ECHO Podcast. In addition, the adaptation of crypto currencies, and in extreme cases, such as Venezuela.

Dash is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, in short DAO. The financing of the developer, marketing and other expenses comes on the Dash directly from the log. More specifically, the Block Reward is split in three parts. The Miner will get only 45 percent of the Mining Rewards. A further 45 per cent will go to the master node, the enable Protocol– – expanding functions such as Private and Instant Send. Finally, ten per cent, remain for the so-called Budget Proposals left. To compensate, therefore, to employees and to implement projects.

The master nodes agree on a monthly basis on the Budget Proposals. A Proposal receives the votes of at least ten percent of the net-master nodes, it receives the previously specified Funding. The money comes directly from the Blockchain and is in super blocks gemint. In this way, the Dash, the Embassy since it is financed-CH, whose founder, Jan H. Meyer, today’s guest in the BTC-ECHO Podcast.

A Support for crypto

The goal of the Dash to the Embassy, it is the population about crypto-currencies, specifically the Dash, investigate. A stumbling block for Bitcoin, the decentralised nature of the technology is for some. If you have questions, there is not an official Hotline that you can consult. In the case of Dash, the Dash, the Embassy is used sometimes as a help and support for overwhelmed users.

Jan H. Meyer, and Alex Roos

Jan Heinrich, Meyer has a Background in Marketing. He ended his employment in the year 2017, however, with the Dash to the Embassy for his Ideals. Through contact with crypto currencies and block chain-based projects, such as Steem, he began to deal with money systems. Findings such as the Cantillon effect, cast him out of currencies on the advantages of decentralized Crypto. Through friends, he eventually found his way to Dash and wrote his first Proposal for public Relations. After he was about the functionality of the Dash DAO certainly, since he founded the Dash Embassy-CH as a base for the German space.

In the meantime, the Embassy not only provides many tools for novice traders, but is also active with the Integration of the Dash to acceptance. In addition, the Dash Roadshow in this year. Here, cities to be visited in the da-CH Region, and info events, to the money system, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Dash, and taxes organized.

Venezuela and Dash

While countries like Germany or the USA have a relatively stable currency systems, the suffering of the people of Venezuela under a bone-crushing Inflation. The average German may therefore look with suspicion on crypto-currencies – “what do I need it for, when I can just pay everything with euros.” However, in Venezuela the urgency of state-independent money. The Bolivar has lost massive value, counts the banknotes, but weighs.

Dash conducts active educational work in Venezuela. Also with the Budget of the Dash Proposals the Venezuelan Dash-Community switches to advertising for Dash. By telephone you can connect with a customer service that helps with the first steps. If the value of the currency drops so rapidly, is currencies of the advantage of Crypto with a constant amount of money obviously.

Learn more about the Budget System of the Dash and the adaptation of crypto currencies in this edition of the BTC-ECHO Podcasts.

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