More than three tons of loss for FC Twente

Three tons of loss for FC Twente

The relegation to the first division and an additional levy of the tax have large financial consequences for the club. Due to sharply declining revenue, such as the lack of money from the tv rights of the premier league, was also a downsizing of the staff is inevitable.

Twente know, however, backed by supporters and the business community. A group of investors, the so-called ‘Noaber of FC Twente”, provides financial support in the form of shares, which the club an amount can produce 14 million.

The municipality of Enschede, FC Twente met by to defer payment of interest and repayment of the loan from the municipality. With the tax authorities agreed on an additional levy of € 4.4 million.

,,FC Twente has improved arrangements are made repayments on long-term loans. During the first half of the calendar year 2018 there was an almost grace period. With the current financiers agreed to the interest and redemption payments for the current financial year to re-suspend”, reports the club in the financial statements.

Nevertheless, it is the conclusion of the board that a return to FC Twente to the premier league within two years is necessary for a stable financial base.

,,FC Twente has a negative equity of 5.9 million euro and the degradation has no view on the realization of a positive result other than by a transfer or cancellation of loans. The club depends on good agreements with financiers and other creditors in the short term, not in liquidity problems to get.”

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