’Michael and Naomi in Temptation VIPS’

Whether it’s a joke or not, entertaining is the small clip that Naomi on Instagram placed in each case. She tells her grandmother that she and Michael have specified for Temptation Island VIPS. “They would like to. She wants to know if I reliably am,” explains Michael. But grandmother is not agree.

For a long time grandma still and shakes them just a little with her head. Naomi throws some oil on the fire, and, once again, emphasizes that they do. Finally, when they literally ask what grandma thinks, she gives her opinion. “I think that’s not fun. If you’re in a relationship and it’s going well, why would you join in?”

“Yes, but I just want to know if he can trust them, when I am,” responds Naomi. Grandma clearly has more confidence in the relationship. “You know that! Seems to me…” Naomi’s followers are with grandma again. “Whaha grandmother is absolutely right, why the misery search. And about the trust, she is also very clear. What a nice wijfie”, responds someone.

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