Mertens shoot 82-year-old record from the books

Dries Mertens in the shirt of Napoli

The ex-PSV is the most scoring Belgian in foreign self-employed, report the Latest News. Mertens made a total of 129 goals scored in the abroad, of which 17 for FC Utrecht and 37 for PSV With his hattrick against Empoli this weekend, his total in the shirt of Napoli on 75. Thus, passing Raymond Braine in the ranking of Belgian goalscorers across the border.

“This new record I had never expected. Especially since I never thought of myself really as a striker I have seen,” responded Mertens against The Latest News. “The motivation to record more distinct, there is certainly. Because I now really like a spire am going to live. As someone who is still more and more to statistics look. This is a nice side-effect, a great honor.”

The record was already 82 years in the hands of the Braine. The born Acquisition was the first Belgian professional player who is a transfer to the foreign made. He made in the 30’s 128 goals in the shirt of Sparta Prague.

Mertens knew Braine. “I can get it efkes should google it,” said the international. “I don’t know how long this record will now stand, but I think the other players me about twenty or thirty years, will have to google it.”

In the meantime, Mertens on the chasing Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku. Hazard scored all 112 goals in foreign service, Lukaku is on 105 hits.

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