Masmeijer: ’No fair trial in Belgium’

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Masmeijer (57) says that he at the time of the cokesmokkel in a hospital in the Belgian Merksem was, after serious to have been abused. It would thus be physically impossible that he that smuggling was involved. For this reason, should the extradition be rejected, he. The court in Belgium has those circumstances inadequately researched.

At the time of the Belgian judgment was Masmeijer all on free feet. He was absent when the judgment. Last month he was at the request of Belgium in Breda picked up. On 16 november, the Belgian criminal proceedings in the appeal.

According to the Public prosecution service (OM) all the conditions are met to Masmeijer to the Belgians. The assessment of whether he has been guilty of the cokesmokkel and related facts, is not to the Amsterdam court, but in Antwerp.

Masmeijer fear the prison in Belgium, where he bad experiences. ,,I got there in inhumane conditions, sitting.” He would not want to trial and eventually judgment of the Belgian court extract, but from the Belgian cell remain. If the case is on appeal to a conviction results, he can get his punishment in the Netherlands serving.

The Amsterdam court is the court on 13 november. If they extradite allows, will Masmeijer be fixed, and soon afterwards to Belgium to be transferred.

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