Kazach reports, months after his funeral

ASTANA – Two months after his family and him thought to have buried, is Ajgali Soepjgaljev surfaced with his family in the place Tomarli in Kazakhstan. On the basis of DNA testing of a badly burned body was Soepjgaljev will be dead.

According to an official certificate stood at 99,2 per cent sure that the burnt remains of the 63-year-old Soepjgaljev were, reported the British tv channel Sky News. For the family of the Kazach there came an end to a period of uncertainty, because Soepjgaljev was for weeks looking.

A brother of Soepjgaljev said that the body was buried at the islamic cemetery. To the great dismay of his family appeared on the Kazach two months after the funeral, back in Tomarli. He explained to his family that a man for a few months of work was offered in a nearby village, and that he for that reason for a while had been absent.

It is not known who in the place of Soepjgaljev is buried.

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