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International media feast of new royal controversy

The news that king Albert II is required to have a DNA steel to deliver in the case of Delphine Boël is world news. Of The New York Times and the Brazilian Globo to the assembled British press: they write all how the opportunities for Boël side.

The court of appeal decided yesterday that king Albert II within three months of a DNA-sample has to deliver. Delphine Boël is now already five years of litigating against the king in the hope of finally to be recognized. Today to tell intimates that the court of appeal, her last straw was. According to them it was Delphine fatigued.

It is so very hot under the feet of the king. If he refuses a sample, the court can interpret that as a recognition of the paternity. His battery of lawyers are now looking or appeal in Cassation is an option.

Albert II in the uk is driven, knows also collected the British press. ‘The private life of the Belgian monarchy is once again on the paving stones thrown after king Albert II (…) received an order for a DNA test to undergo’, is read in The Guardian. A similar message we find in The Telegraph.

The New York Times tells the short story of the facts: how king Albert II, a member of the wealthy Jeunesse Dorrée during the 60’s and 70’s along the French coastal areas was and how he was in that period a long romance had with baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

The newspaper also shows the advisor of the king to the word. He says that the king is still deliberating over his next step. ‘His Majesty can agree with the court and a steel delivery within three months. He can also reject, which are, incidentally, though that would be not in his favor and to plead. A last option is to make the decision to fight to the highest court (Court of Cassation ed.).’ Finally, notice the counsel that this is unseen. Never before was a Belgian frost for the court.

El Globo , and the Spanish El Pais let Marc Uyttendaele, the lawyer of Boël, to the word. ‘If Albert II refuses to the test subjects, this can be regarded as a very clear indication that he is the father’, it sounds. The Catalan newspaper El Periodico emphasized that an earlier DNA-test proved that Jacques Boël is not the biological father of Delphine.

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