Igone de Jongh think not yet to cease

The ballerina has an intensive period of behind-the-back. Her regular dance partner Marijn Rademaker had in the run-up to the famous ballet La Dame aux Camélias his career end because of injury. De Jongh went on with another dancer – the Brazilian Daniel Camargo – with whom they have an intensive preparatory process went. “It was particularly busy and intense. My son Hugo told me: “Mom, I have not so much seen the last time’”, says the first dancer of The National Ballet.

Her partner, actor Thijs Römer: “The labors which they performed, I must not think, that resistance I’m not even in a week. Actors have a luizenleven.”

The departure of Rademaker had great impact on the Jongh. “I thought, I should now not stop? But he said: ’Your body does it well, enjoy it as long as it can’. Then I thought, I must not whine.” Igone is frugal with her body. The weak spot is her lower back, where they have since the birth of her son in 2010 suffer from it. But motherhood, especially in perspective. “It put me with both feet on the ground. I am in the first place mother. In the past I could make my work difficult to let go, I went home spitzen sit. Now there must be French fries and pancakes are baked for the children.”

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