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IBM Patent: the identification of unsafe locations for AR Games using the Blockchain

IBM reported on 1. November in New York, the Patent for a block chain-based spatial data Bank. This is to facilitate players of Augmented Reality (AR) Games, the identification of inappropriate places.

Vitalik Buterin has once claimed that the idea with Ethereum he had come, because Blizzard had changed his World-of-Warcraft-character arbitrarily. This exercise of centralized decision-making power have him as gefuchst that the then 19-year-old Prodigy to the development of a distributed platform made that can prevent such a Mess from the top.

The Blockchain and the video game industry can be found together. The first functional game on the Ethereum-a Blockchain has to do with the rearing of virtual cats – as a gift.

IBM could revive the symbiosis of the Blockchain and the Gaming industry now. The IT-company registers a Patent for a “Location-based augmented reality game control”.

The augmented reality

Augmented Reality (freely translated: augmented reality) means in the video game industry, the Integration of squares of the real world in the virtual content of video games and Vice versa. Since the player must enter the places physically, AR, as a rule, in the case of Smartphone Games. An example of this is the App Pokémon GO. Players move with their Smartphones through the cities, and can achieve during the game progress.

A major point of criticism of AR Games, however, the danger is that players come to places that are not suitable for this. This rate is for the players to risky locations such as neighborhood with high crime or of course private land.

The IBM Patent, is now offering for the first time, a Blockchain-solution to players from so-called “unwanted places”. The company relies on a constantly expanding database of places, which are for the AR-Game inappropriate, and compares this with the location of the player. There is a Match between an undesirable marked Location and the location of the player, the AR is modified in-game content on the Smartphone. Thus, the player recognizes that he is moving currently on unsuitable Terrain.

Trust Blockchain

The registered location data should be authentic and safe. For this, IBM wants to launch its “Augmented Reality Game Control” on a Blockchain. In the Patent, the idea reads as follows:

“[…] an important aspect of a place-based Augmented Reality game [is] the confidence in the real locations. Players, or users can select a location for different purposes can be misused. Therefore, it is important that the System is checked, any site-related transaction and validated. […] The Blockchain System tracks, stores and manages secure site-related transactions along with other site metadata.“

IBM and Blockchain

The new AR-Patent is part of a long history of Blockchain projects of the Tech company. To call, among other things, the “Dubai Blockchain Platform”, a Patent for the “unmanned aerial vihicle data management” and a project are Blockchain-waybills in supply chains. Overall, IBM now comes to an impressive 89 patent applications for Blockchain-ideas, and only a patent application, behind Alibaba, the Chinese E-Commerce giant.

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