Hikers seriously injured after attack aggressive cows

In the Netherlands, are two of the hikers was hit after an attack by a herd of cows.

The women followed at the time of the incident with their leashed dogs, the so-called laarzenpad in the nature of The Broekloop in Ulvenhout, in the province of Noord-Brabant. One of the two survived barely survived the attack, stated the second victim at BN DeStem.

The woman that ran one of the dogs on a long line in a pasture in a herd of twenty cattle, when the cattle are suddenly right on them came over and the women omverliepen. One of the hikers remained injured.

The second victim tried to stand but was by the beasts on the head is taken and thrown. However, they could still call emergency services. Her friend ran to both the left and the right, a pneumothorax, a broken hip, two spine fractures and twelve broken ribs.

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