’Gehekelde First Dates-Lisa even threatened’

The date of Lisa and Jaimy was painful to see

It reports the AD, which spoke with the unfortunate date of the 25-year-old Lisa. “I have no more contact with her, but I heard from the people of First Dates that she is threatened after the broadcast.”

Although Jaimy in the show already let us know that he is her behaviour really ’bone’ and found on Twitter his gratitude was expressed for the support he received, he believes the threats too far. “I have no feelings of hatred for her. If someone is angry should be, I am, but I’m not. I hope that people leave you alone. This, she earns.”

In the meantime, the offending broadcast is also available on the website of BNNVARA.

Last season was the Total that dreigberichten received after her participation on First Dates. It took her a diva, which is much too spoiled did, especially after her date asked her whether he was willing to make coffee for her to convert if they in the morning her make-up was doing.

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