First polling stations open in USA

In the eastern states of the United States are at 12 pm Belgian time, the first polling stations open for the mid-term elections.

That mid-term elections, for the entire House of Representatives (435 seats) and one third of the Senate (35), is regarded as a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump.

According to the latest polls would be the Democrats may succeed in the House to recapture the Republicans. The party of the president loses in the first midterms as well as remain in control of the House. The Democrats will have 23 seats to the Republicans have to win to regain a majority. The control of the Senate, recapture is as good as impossible for the Democrats.

Except for these two elections there are also elections at the state and local level.

More than 35 million people brought in early in their vote. In 37 states and Washington, DC could early vote. The polling stations are Tuesday at 12 pm Belgian time, already opened in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Virginia, all in the east, and in the more central Kentucky.

The first results will be Wednesday morning early expected.


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