FIFA wants off of rebound when stopped penalty

Yuya Kubo (second from left), of Gent) scores from the rebound after Anderlecht goalkeeper Matz Sels the penalty kick had stopped.

If a goalkeeper a penalty stop or the ball will jump through the crossbar or the post or crossbar back into the field, then the match continues with a free-kick.

There is also thought about new rules for the tijdrekken for bills and at a handsbal. If a player is substituted, he must immediately leave the field and not through the midline. An ’unnatural motion’ to decide now whether or not there is a handsbal.

For now there is only talk about the possible new rules of the game. Only on 22 november, it is decided whether there is next year march in the general Ifab meeting can be voted on the proposed spelregelveranderingen.

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