Farmer john chooses Romina, jack, Manu goes for Hilde

While Jeroen, Jitse and Bjorn was able to enjoy what privétijd with their favorites Severien, Emily and Evelyn, had Jan and Manu will have a heartbreaking choice to make on Monday 5 november. The viewers of Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World came just to know who the farmers have chosen.
Jan went crazy for the sweet and beautiful biochemiste and vet-in-training, Romina (27, Dudzele). “As for my nose, I am always a little bit happy. Infatuation is a big word, but I’m always happy to see her and have meaning for her of fun things to do. Then there will be something more.” She was overjoyed: “If it evolves as it is right now, I’d certainly have a future here in Australia. I feel at home here. This life with Jan is talking to me.”

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