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Exhibition of over sixty works of Banksy touches down in Brussels

From Thursday, a small two months, and 61 works of the British graffiti artist Banksy is exhibited at Strokar Inside, an international streetartplatform.

That platform has a few weeks ago, located in the old Delhaizegebouw to the boulevard de waterloo in Brussels, the Molièrewijk, and gave carte blanche to a hundred streetartiesten from home and abroad. Soon there will also be works by Banksy hang.

The 61 works in Brussels, be shown, come from the collection of Steve Lazarides, the former agent of Banksy and the commissioner of the exhibition. There are also some works from other private collections, in addition to 25 pictures that are never shown, just like images, screen prints, paintings and some pieces for the music industry were made. The exhibition did all Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, and until 30 december in Brussels.

The shock effect

Banksy loves his work a shock effect to create. Recently, he was still a commotion when a work of art itself for the half fragmented, as soon as it emptied was at auction house Sotheby’s in London. The artist said afterwards that he is actually the entire work was not willing to destroy.

Just as often, there are unmistakable political messages contained in the works of Banksy. That is the case, for example, the frescoes on the wall of separation between Palestine and Israel, by which he means the human rights of the Palestinians to defend.

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