Documentary 30-year-old Aretha Franklin to finally see

Aretha Franklin in 1972, the year in which the documentary about her was recorded

The singer is in the film very shy, tells niece Sabrina Owens to USA Today. “In nothing be the confident person that we later saw. She says maybe five words in the entire film. You can also see her sing alone, with a beautiful, charismatic voice.” During the filming of the documentary was Aretha thirty and already a well-known journalist. With Amazing Grace she went back to her roots, gospel music from the church.

Music label Warner released the documentary in 1972 to equalize with the album Amazing Grace. The twenty hours of recordings showed, however, all kinds of defects, making the film on the shelf remained. The plate came out and is still the best selling in the gospelgenre.


Producer Alan Elliott bought in 2008, the rights of the docu. He argued there for a while, fight about it with Aretha, who claimed to be her image wasn’t allowed to use. The two entered into an agreement. In 2015, the film is still going to run on a number of festivals, but when they got there, the singer caught up. In 2015, they stated compared to local newspaper the Detroit Free Press: “It is not that I am not pleased with the film, because that is quite nice. But I can legally say much about this, because there are problems.”

Niece Owens let now know: “We have left behind us, and both parties look forward to this film with the public.” The film will later this month premiere at the festival DOC NYC in New York.

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