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Defending champion Dimitri Van den Bergh again in finale WK darts at the youth

Defending champion Dimitri Van den Bergh (PDC 37) has Monday in the English Wigan for the second year in a row for the final of the world youth CHAMPIONSHIPS placed. In his semi-final, the 24-year-old inhabitant of antwerp with 6-1 the size of the the Englishman Ted Evetts (PDC-119). Sunday he gives in the final, the German Martin Schindler (PDC 48) party.

Mike De Decker (PDC-137) and Brian Raman (PDC 229) were in the sixteenth finals off, Kenny Neyens was killed in the group stage.

Group 14:

Brian Raman (Call/229) – John Brown (Eng) 5-2

Brian Raman (Call/229) – Mats Gies (Ned/198) 5-3

Group 17:

Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37) – Patrick Kovacks (Hon/179) 5-4

Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37) – Keelan Kay (Eng) 5-1

Group 24:

Mike De Decker (Bel/137) – Adam Watson (Eng) 5-1

Mike De Decker (Bel/137) – Nico Blum (Dui/173) 5-1

Group 31:

Kenny Neyens (Bel) – Lewis Pride (Eng) 5-3

Scott Jackson (Eng) – Kenny Neyens (Bel) 5-3

1/16 finals:

Geert Nentjes (Ned/170) – Brian Raman (Call/229) 6-4

Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37) – Melvin contact: (Ned) 6-3

Christian Bunse (Dui/152) – Mike De Decker (Bel/137) 6-4

1/8 finals:

Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37) – Thomas Lovely (Eng) 6-2


Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37) Christian Bunse (Dui/152) 6-3


Dimitri Van den Bergh (Bel/37) – Ted Evetts (Eng/119) 6-1

Martin Schindler (Ger/48) – Callan Rydz (Eng/233) 6-3

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