Continued Spanish rapper Valtònyc have to wait

GHENT – The Spanish rapper Valtònyc residing in Belgium, know not yet whether he will be extradited to Spain. The court in Gent would be Tuesday in the appeal judgment, but now asks to council to the European Court of Justice.

The 24-year-old Valtònyc from Majorca was last year in Spain sentenced to 3.5 years in prison because of his incendiary lyrics. The court in Brugge certain last month that he could not be extradited, but the Belgian Public Prosecutor drew up an appeal.

The artist, who is actually a Josep Miquel Arenas is called, cried out in his songs including in to occupation of the summer residence of the Spanish royal family. The highest court in Spain considers him guilty of glorification of terrorism, provocation of the royal family and death threat from politicians.

According to the court in Bruges, there is no terrorism, defamation of the royal family or threats. The (higher) court in Gent wants to now first answer of the EU court in Luxembourg to questions about the penalty before any decision is taken on extradition.

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