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BitMEX: Forkmonitor for Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash

The research team of BitMEX has launched a new Website to keep Track of upcoming network Upgrades, in the case of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. On you can see now, what Updates are pending in the case of BTC and BCH in the coming period and how they develop.

Forks is a recurring phenomenon in the crypto-Ecosystem in which it is spoken – are coarse – to Software Upgrades. The Community distinguishes between Hard Forks, on the one hand, and the Soft Forks on the other. A well-known example of a Soft Fork SegWit or Segregated, for example, is Witness. The SegWit is an Update that can be used by the user voluntarily to their advantage. An example of a Hard Fork Cash for a new Chain, which separates from the old one (in this case BTC) is on the other side of Bitcoin.

Better Monitoring of the Forks by

To be able to this important Protocol changes in the future, better monitor, has launched a team of researchers from BitMEX the Website . As the Name suggests, you can keep track of there upcoming Forks of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. The site is associated with the respective Nodes and maps each of the important data. Currently, the focus is entirely on BCH, in the case of the at 15. November will be the next Hard Fork.

For Details on the BCH Hard Fork

The two biggest contenders in addition to the original chain Bitcoin ABC (BTCABC) and Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision, BTCSV). BTCABC promises to be primarily a new Opcode to improve the Script language so that you can validate messages outside of the Blockchain. As a result it should be possible in Oracle as well as Cross-Chain Atomic Contracts.

BTCSV goes back to Craig Wright and will be advertised by him. According to the statements of Wright is to be raised with the “Vision of Satoshi’s”, among other things, the block size to 128 MB. The Team hopes behind BTCSV faster transactions and better support the Community.

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