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Bitcoin Cash: price rally before the Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) puts on spectacular price gains. After the crypto-exchange Binance your support for the upcoming BCH-Hard-Fork at 15. November announced increased rates of up to 28 per cent in the Seven-day comparison.

It’s not a full-grown Bull was Run, but after all, BCH was able to pass in the last days, a foretaste of what is in store for us soon.

It is the time of the Altcoins. On the weekend of Bitcoins was down a little sibling sick and tired of. While Bitcoin itself suffered minimal losses, was able to retract his most famous Hard Fork BCH price gains of more than 28 percent in the last seven days.

BCH was on 4. November at just under 590 US dollars – the highest market value in over a month.

Were driven by the courses of a remarkable increase of the traded volume. This has increased six-fold since the first of November almost. The volume rose from about 250 million to about US $ 1.4 billion.

Price increase due to the Hard Fork

The exorbitant profits on the announcement of Binance that the stock market will support the BCH-Hard-Fork. This is for the 15. November announced.

“Twice a year, the Bitcoin-to-Cash network will be forked in the context of planned Protocol Upgrades. The next BCH-Hard-Fork is for the 15. November 2018, planned, and Coinbase is willing to support the Roadmap published by “,

Coinbase wrote in a press release.

Hard Forks will continue to lead to small Bull Runs, since investors can look forward to over free coins. In the case of BCH, the increase is sure to be a partial explanation for the course. Investors accumulated in the last few days, especially on the Asian stock exchanges on how to Binance, OKEx, and Huobi, have pledged their support for the Hard Fork.

As soon as the courses before the Forks rise, fall and then in the most. The will run at BCH is probably similar.

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