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Bitcoin bull Novogratz sees new records for Bitcoin in 2019

Bitcoin bull Novogratz sees new records for Bitcoin in 2019

Home News Bitcoin bull Novogratz sees new records for Bitcoin in 2019

Marcel Knobloch –

The crypto market moves for several weeks sideways, and has reached the lowest Volatitlität for several years. For investors, the current Siuation is more frustrating than real progress. Bitcoin bull Novogratz forecast for the next year, new record prices we have seen until now.

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, believes unbroken to Bitcoin and looking for the year 2018 for a price of US $ 9,000 until the end of the year as realistic. In his opinion, Bitcoin is translated to reach next year’s new all-time highs of over US $ 20,000, there will be an influx of institutional investors (for free):

Bitcoin needs to take 6.800 dollars out, and then we could finish the year at 8,800 to 9,000 dollars. Until the end of the first quarter [by 2019] we will target $ 10,000. After that, we will return to new highs – to 20,000 USD or more.

Although the prices of almost all digital currencies have declined since last December, steadily, the market has developed in total more. The adaptation of the block chain technology as well as in the area of the global system of rules and laws around appropriate regulation have evolved.

Particularly in the area of large security solutions for the capital of institutional investors, many precautions have been taken to facilitate investors from this Segment, the entry in the crypto market. Coinbase received before 14 days of the Genehmgigung the DFS (New York Department of financial services) through its subsidiaries prison a Custody to Service for the currencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, XRP and Litecoin offer.

Often unnoticed by the Multi-billion Dollar foundations such as Harvard, Yale, or Stanford Yuniversity have invested a considerable amount in crypto-currencies. According to Novogratz, and other experts, it is only a matter of time, until the herd mentality is gaining the upper hand, and other investors in the market drives (freely translated):

It will be a case of institutional FOMO [Fear of Missing out = fear Miss], just like in retail.

Novogratz goes on to state that the crypto market will benefit from a single regulation and this is driving the prices up. Important factors for a soon-to-be Bullrun are the weights of the commitment of financial difficult to such as Goldman Sachs or the Start of Bakkt (freely translated):

It is a bull market in institutions that build the infrastructure, the money, investors needed to invest in this area.

Analysts see the Start of the stock market is a great opportunity for the market to benefit in the long term, and to see rising prices. The launch of Bitcoin Futures on the Exchange is planned for the 12.12.2018, however, also rumors that the trade could already start in November.

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