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Beerschot Wilrijk need 3,000 euro to pay for fireworks in Mechelen

Beerschot Wilrijk should be a fine of 3,000 euros to pay, because supporters of the Rats flares afstaken in the derby of October 21 on a visit to KV Mechelen. That decided the disputes committee of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) on Tuesday.

The party in the AFAS stadium had a minute to be shut down, after supporters flares on the field had thrown. Stewards had the purple plumes of smoke removal. Board member and lawyer Walter Damen put yet again all of the measures that Beerschot Wilrijk to such incidents to avoid a row, but to no avail.

Sitting commissioner Jan Decorte explained the club € 2,000 fine. An outstanding conditional fine of 1,000 euro, dated 2 may, was also made effective.

The Union also must pay a fine, they are of a totally different order of magnitude. For a lack of organization for a ” home of the reserves against KV Mechelen to Brussels 250 euro to pay the penalty.

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