Beau gives homeless people an apartment

Beau van Erven Dorens

“Gerrie, Alan and Marco, participants in the daklozenproject in Amsterdam, I have noticed that a large part of the story only began when they own a home had been found,” said Beau. “The main problem: how do you like that house? And how you fight back in a society where you are as long as no part of have been?”

In The key, that must go where The Amsterdam Project and The Rotterdam Project will cease, the homeless have no money, but an apartment. With their own house, and under the guidance of professional help get the homeless the opportunity to regain a place in society.

The program is based on scientific research of Housing First, an idea that from the United States and around the world a lot of success. Rokus Loopik, herstelcoach with whom Beau also works in The Rotterdam Project, brought the principle of Housing First in 2006 to the Netherlands. “It is our duty to homeless people from the street and to make them learn to help themselves as soon as they go live. Much smarter, cheaper and more humane than Housing First is not”, says Loopik. He sees the collaboration with Beau do. “I have 200 percent confidence in the cooperation with Beau, the people with whom we work and the outcome of this program.”

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