Arrogant Lisa takes viewers First Dates blood under the nails away

Lisa looks way out of self-protection

The eisenlijstje of Lisa (25) to her ideal man is fairly concrete. Dark hair, nice teeth, not a big nose, not a possessive man, but one who is independent and a man who is fond of the children. Only the last property was, according to her, apply to the 30-year-old Jaimy, that she is ’bald’ called in a phone conversation in between on the toilet with a family member. Reason for her to rush to burst into tears. “I find it sooo much! He loves to play games! It is so embarrassing!”

“Stay nice,” says dad,” is the telephone advice that they get. But its not easy. It is during the painful dinner no question on her part, at least, not in the moments that we in the assembly of the episode, and even if Jaimy talks about his father, who two years ago died, Lisa is not further than: “That is indeed violent, yes.”

Jaimy is still a real lord

’Just a bot’

By her behavior and statements in the broadcast ” He came in and I thought all of ’noooo’; ’Then you are thirty. What do you mean you have never had a serious relationship?” – she arouses the disgust of the viewer. It doesn’t help that her behaviour in the direction of Jaimy declares as self-protection and protection of Jaimy.

“It was a conscious choice to look away,” she says in the duogesprekje afterwards. “Because I’m not with him interested wanted to arouse, the idea that I’d like. It was more of self-protection and protection for him.” That looks Jaimy different. “Protection. It was just bone.” It Is his opinion, but, Lisa.


The goodbye is quick and cool, a hand shake and then wants Lisa to him ’good Luck’. Viewers are also amazed. “Waaaaaaaauw, Lisa. OMG. How come you so?” “What an uncouth bitch say, Lisa.” A future participant sinks the courage in the shoes. “I’m not a dick like this Lisa, but somewhere it makes you so nervous.” A person takes it for her. “She was, I think, very disappointed because First Dates.” And: “There is a cut-and-paste.”

Jaimy itself is happy with the criticism on his date. “Thank you to everyone I doubted if the date really was that bad but now see that it is at least not to me.” Already more than a hundred people drop him in and give him respect for the fact that he is ” a lord continued’. And that he actually stayed.

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