Anger and aversion to the misguided joke Grenfell Tower

LONDON – In the Uk, is fuss about a video in which a version of ramptoren Grenfell Tower fire is stabbed. The British police have five men arrested who are suspected of involvement, messages British media.

The self in each other-made ’Grenfell Tower’…

By the fire in the London tower Grenfell Tower fell last year, over seventy dead. There was great commotion after on social media the pictures emerged of the burning sample version of the residential building. The model is equipped with the inscription “Grenfell Tower” and paper silhouettes of people in the windows.

To hear how bystanders laugh while the modeltoren in flames going. They call grappend “help me, help me” and “jump out the window.” At the end of the video says someone: “This is what you get when they rent not to pay.”

Prime minister Theresa May reacted angrily to the incident, that she was disrespectful and completely unacceptable called. Now have five men reported to the police. They are suspected of disturbing the public order.

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