Andrei Lugovski poisoned by ex-brother-in-law?

The interview with Andrei Lugovski last week on The Latest News gave reverberates. Not in the least at his ex-brother-in-law Philippe, who feel addressed. Although Andrei his name was not called during the call with The Latest News, Philippe, however, of the opinion that it is about him. This week in Day All

“I, no one can accuse of assassination attempt on me, because I also have no proof”, he said in The Latest News. “But yet, my suspicions are in the direction of the two people who I do business have been rejected. And me out of displeasure for a long time continue to harass, to quarrel is ended. I have no enemies”, was Andrei further. Of course, Andrei this time, the police told and soon he once again to the criminal investigation department. “I have to honestly say that quite a few fellow-singers, who are these two people professional also know, with the same presumption: that I must not continue the search.”
And with the two mean Andrei, his former brother-in-law Philippe and service girlfriend. They were immediately endorsed by the Thallium vergifde singer. Philippe was in the past the partner of Alina, the sister of Andrei and he was also the right hand of the singer. “We pick up not what Andrei says, and are now at the police stepped” said Philippe this week in All. “Well, let’s ready and make it clear: we have nothing to make this case. Andrei is about the wrote gone with his accusation. Far over the wrote.”

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