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Altcoin-market analysis KW 45 – Bitcoin Cash is exploding, currencies other than Bitcoin in the Plus

The total market capitalization has risen to $ 211 billion. Until Bitcoin, all crypto-were able to show currencies in the Top 10 gains. The price of Bitcoin to Cash has increased by 27 percent.

NameRates in US dollarsMarket capitalization in billion U.S. dollarsChange of course within the week, in percentCourse evaluationSupport in US dollarsResistance in US dollars
Ethereum209,2021,553more bullish183,02229,08
Bitcoin Cash555,529,6927bullish481,28593,76
EOS5,484,972more bullish5,095,80
Cardano0,081,965more bullish0,070,09

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization, which is given in billions of US dollars.

Even if Bitcoin wants to wander merrily sideways, the first crypto to set this cancer of the currencies of gear, so little movement in the Top 10. The market capitalisation has fallen to the start of the week to 202 billion US-dollars, but could increase in the course of the week to 211 billion US dollars. The Top 10 has increased by an average of six percent. Responsible for the price increases of Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, Monero, and – most importantly – Bitcoin Cash. This small rally meant for the Tether to fall back to the last place of the Top 10.

The prospects are better than in the previous week, so that daring can re-open a Long Position. As Targets and Stop Losses in the above table Resistances and Supports offer a first orientation.

Best price development: Bitcoin to Cash (BCH)

For some, a Community falls apart, the other an Investment opportunity: The Bitcoin-Cash-rate Fork at 15, thanks to the upcoming hardware. November by 30 percent. Without a doubt, investors hope to gain from the dispute between the Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV some free Coins – in particular, if Binance announces to support the Hard Fork. The course was able to rise without difficulty on the moving average MA50 and tested on 4. November, the MA140.

The MACD is positive and rising and the RSI is rising in the overbought zone – what’s in a price rally surprising. It may with a view to the RSI to a consolidation to come, with a view to the time until the Hard Fork is still a bullish assessment. The prudent Trader can a Rise above the Resistance at 593,76 US dollars as an entry for a Long Position in the 660,73 US Dollar as a Target targeted and 566,00 US Dollar as the Stop Loss. Daredevils, who want to leave a Cent of Profit to be missed, can now get in and the Plateau at about 530 US dollars as a Stop Loss. A Short Position when price fall below the Support at 481,28 US Dollar, with a Stop Loss at 509,46 the US Dollar, and a Target at 408,42 US Dollar.

Worst course development: Bitcoin (BTC)

“Worst course of development” is to be understood relatively. Unlike all other crypto-currencies in the Top 10, the course was able to record profits, the Bitcoin rate is 0.26 percent. This does not mean that the course continues to further his since the beginning of September followed a sideways movement. The moving average MA50 is still an insurmountable barrier, the MACD is moving sideways and the RSI is at 50. Overall, one comes therefore to a neutral evaluation. As in the last week: wait and see. The fall of the rate below the Support at 6.152,76 dollars, you can a Short Position thinking. Target would be 5.774, $ 72 and Stop Loss at 6.262, $ 39. The price rises above the Resistance at 6.648,07 US dollars would be a Long Position with a Target of 7,100,US Dollar 96 and a Stop Loss at 6.447,30 US-Dollar.

Stability of the Top 10

The head-to-head race between XRP and Ethereum has relaxed a little: XRP would have to experience a rally of 16 per cent, in order to make Ethereum the second place in dispute. The distance between the Market capitalisations of Stellar and EOS is now down to eight percent. Cardano and Monero could rise above Tether, however, the fight for the final three places in the Top 10 is not yet decided definitively. Only four percent separate Moneros and Tethers market capitalization and a price increase of seven per cent would lift Monero on Cardano. Tron is still 15 percent behind the Tether so that only a brief rally Tron separates from the last place in the Top 10.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all Crypto are jumped by almost seven percent. Thus, currencies in a cut of all the Crypto better than Bitcoin performs. For the Top 100 you get a completely different result: Here, the courses have remained on average constant. With Basic Attention tokens and Bitcoin Cash there are two crypto-currencies, the exchange rate can have profits of over twenty percent. As already emphasized above, in the case of the Bitcoin Cash for the upcoming Hard Fork a role, while Basic Attention Token (BAT) the Listing on Coinbase Pro is the reason for the current growth. Loser of the week Token with a loss of 21 per cent is Eternal. 56 percent of the Top 100 crypto-currencies have worse performing than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin remained in the sideways trend, according to constant and currently stands at 53 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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