Ajax after the winter all of about 60 million euros

The players of Ajax celebrate their thuiszege on Benfica.

As the club from Amsterdam wins in the beautiful Estádio da Luz, winters not just for the first time in thirteen years in the Champions League. The income from the lucrative tournament, passing the threshold of 60 million euro.

Only placement for the group stage of the Champions League resulted in Ajax for about 42 million euros. Each participant in the group stage got a startpremie of more than 15 million euros. On the basis of earlier participation in European football if Ajax, more than 18 million credit and from the pot of tv money is another 2.5 million euro. The three thuisduels in the group stage to deliver an expected recette of approximately 6 million euros.

Ajax won so far two duels (5.4 million euros) and played a time equal to (0.9 million euros) in the group stage. Profit on Benfica not only delivers a further 2.7 million euros. Ajax puts himself for the eighth-finals. And that rewards the UEFA again with a contribution of 9.5 million euros.

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