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Aid for Bayat is agreed upon game

The handboeiengebaar that some of the players this weekend were, was definitely a message of support to Mogi Bayat, the manager, who has been arrested in the voetbalschandaal.

The past few weeks tried different brokers and players to win of Mogi Bayat while he was in the cell. A lot of footballers are, however, hondstrouw to Bayat because he topcontracten and beautiful transfers concerned. That led to the idea of an endorsement.

The germ of the action is at Mouscron-striker Frantzdy Pierrot, who at Zulte Waregem (2-2) last week, his two goals fourth by his hands ostentatiously to cross it, as if they were cuffed. Pierrot is a Bayat-customer and many other customers saw a perfect gesture to support him.

Whatsapp group

On the record no one wants to acknowledge – some said that they the gesture spontaneously copied – but according to our sources, there is a Whatsapp group in which the endorsement was agreed.

A group in which almost all the players of Bayat collected, although for other clubs to come true. That explains why Dewaest of Genk, Ammalah of Mouscron, De Belder of Cercle, Trebel Anderlecht and Tainmont of KV Mechelen, the same gesture made.

The players knew that Bayat in the prison of Leuven has access to a television and that he was their gesture for him and his family would see. Other players in the stable of Bayat, such as David Pollet and Danijel Milicevic of Eupen, consider the gesture also agree to make.

‘Trebel choose how he goals celebrates
But what about the clubs? Anderlecht-chairman Marc Coucke goes to war against the rogue managers, but is suddenly a leader who Mogi Bayat openly supports. Purple-white – that Trebel is vital – calls in that Bayat has not yet been convicted, and said the player also not on. “How Adrien Trebel are goals celebrates, is for his account,” says RSCA spokesman David Steegen.

The same sound about Dylan De Belder at the Club-chairman Frans Schotte. “I’m not saying that is good, but we take no offense to it because Dylan Cercle does not harm. Somewhere, we understand that he has compassion shows with someone with whom he has a good bond of friendship.”

The Pro League with Marc Coucke as chairman – reacted just a little less lukewarm. “It is about individual actions, but we distance ourselves of this’, it sounds. ‘Without wanting to touch on the freedom of speech, we call on everyone – even the players – to be serene.”

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