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After three surgeries and months of rehabilitation can Quickstep rider finally countdown to comeback

In February 2019 hopes Petr Vakoc his comeback. The Church of Quick-Step Floors will take more than a year out.

Vakoc became the end of January training in South Africa involved in a collision with a truck. His companions Bob Jungels and Laurens De Plus came better from but Vakoc took some serious injuries. He broke some vertebrae and lay a long time in the hospital. The Czech missed the entire season, but after a long rehabilitation, he hopes in 2019 again.

“After three surgeries, months of rehabilitation and slowly ramp up the training effort, I seem to gradually be ready for a comeback,” says the 26-year-old Vakoc Tuesday in a communiqué from his team. “I do not only want the thread of normal life to pick up, but also going to the races. My goal is about a hundred days to start. If all goes according to plan, I will than a number opspelden and with the rest of the Wolfpack at the starting line.”

Vakoc comes from very far, as this video proves when he the hospital was allowed to leave and immediately in his rehabilitation, wanted to start:

Vakoc also comes back on the accident and makes a striking suggestion. “I know that not all accidents can exclude but the risk can be reduced. People in cars often don’t realize how dangerous it is riders over to poke it with a margin of only a few centimeters. This is a topic that I have been months doing this. I wish that the situation improves. Maybe there should be a rule to be entered that determines that there is at the surpass of riders a minimum of one and a half metres away. That is already in many countries the standard.”

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