About food: how many calories burn Kobe and Danira?

How about those calories? Kobe and Danira search it out for you in About food.

In the second episode of food have Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss about calories. Or better said: kilocalories. The basis of any food and everyone is talking about it. But what are calories exactly?

To burn calories

To find out, let Danira a number of foods on fire. Calories you can burn, apparently, also quite literally.

How many calories we really burn in our body, learning Kobe and Danira in the hospital at topdokter Elisabeth De Waele. They determine their basal metabolism: this is the number of kilocalories that you burn at rest.

How your body takes calories?

Aster Nzeyimana and Lize Feryn test then again how many kilocalories in addition, if you have a lot moves (for example, by the household to do), and if you have a lot of sports. The result is somewhat surprising.

To all in the practice, keep Kobe and Danira each for a whole day in minute detail, at how many calories they eat and how much they burn. Kobe also want to know how to take of calories than exactly happens in his body. He swallows a camerapil to see which way calories lose. Unique footage of Kobes inside, that he discusses with Professor Tim Vanuytsel.

About food also attracts to the laboratory. There measure Kobe and Danira the precise caloric value of the diet. And they find out or match the manufacturers on the package.

Kobe pulls a day with actress Nora Gharib. It is not at all concerned with counting calories. On the contrary: they start the day, preferably with a hamburger and hopes to even what weight.

About food: Wednesday 7 november at 20: 35 hours on One.

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