20 pedo’s get caught after a days long manhunt

Bartow County After a manhunt of four days by local authorities in the Us state of Georgia, twenty paedophiles held. The operation, called ’Operation Paladin’ turned to sexting with children.

The twenty men with an age ranging between 20 and 59 years old, were arrested during their trip to Bartow County. They all had the intention to with a minor child for sex.

According to researchers, there are over two hundred messages, intercepted multiple chat sites. There were thirty cases drawn up, and multiple arrests followed.

“In many of the messages were trying suspects to come into contact with minors. They sent sexual messages and nude photos to the ’minor’ that they at that time thought to chat,” says an agent to Fox5.

One of the detainees turns out to be a registered sex offender. Residents of Bartow County are shocked. “Bizarre to think that this kind of crazy people just walking around and kids are trying to provoke,” says Lynn Lenton.

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