Zulte-fans against Belgian bond: ’Competition is not fair’

The players of Zulte Waregem mourn after their defeat against Sint-Truiden

A month after the start of a large-scale investigation into matchfixing and fraud in the highest class, have the fans of the hekkensluiter written a letter to the Belgian football association belgian football association.

“We have to conclude that football in Belgium is not fair,” said the supportersclub of Zulte Waregem, called EsseveeFANS. “In the past weeks was the Belgian football several times in a less elegant way in the picture. Illegal practices on and around the field, did our image no good. The credibility of the arbitration this was seriously in danger, but nevertheless gave the majority of the supporters of the scheidsrechterskorps still the benefit of the doubt. Since Sunday, we need this vision if Zulte Waregem supporters clear Polish.”

Zulte Waregem lost 2-1 at Sint-Truiden and after fourteen rounds on the last place. A goal from Hamdi Harbaoui was disapproved, and a little later got the striker of Zulte a red card. The fans of Zulte Waregem also find that their team a penalty kick is to remember.

Problem openly to denounce it

“With bewilderment we must conclude that the neutrality is indeed staggering”, the fans at the royal belgian football association. “We wanted the arbitration errors against Anderlecht and Charleroi are still down as coincidence, then we can the mistakes that the referee and the videoarbiter in Sint-Truiden were not just next to us put down. Our board will, of course, be silenced with penalties and fines. We supporters want the issue openly to denounce it. That we, as a team, last one standing, we would accept that we were really not better. We ask insistently to the policy makers of the Belgian football to intervene.”

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