Wouter Torfs is worried about consequences #metoo

athérine Moerkerke Tuesday 6 november manager Wouter Torfs to a party of Schoenen Torfs. It is almost a Ladies Night, because the majority of the staff are women. And the manager is liked by ladies are. “You know that if you see me, the fun is near,” says Torfs in his speech. “Leadership from the heart, so you look to the heart of the people whom you lead.” And Torfs holds a plea for more love in the work, but not in a romantic way. That is still missing too little. “No one speaks in a culture of love, non – romantic. Love for your product, for your suppliers, to your colleagues.” Cathérine notice how many ladies Torfs also physically want to hold it. “The #MeToo movement revolves around the abuse of power. But unfortunately in the aftermath, the beauty of the power between men and women has been lost”, sigh Wouter. The pans of the roof at the party, as Torfs, a polonaise through the hall leads. On the tones of ‘Follow the Leader’.

Entrepreneur Virginie Saverys know what it is to feel like a woman have to prove in the business world. Once she started under the wings of her father in the shipyards of Boel in Temse. They grew by in the world of ports and transport and decided 3 years ago most of its shares to sell and a vineyard in Tuscany to buy. From there she brings the Avognesi wine on the world market. Every year bottles they 800.000 bottles. “My first contract in the shipping industry brought me to South Korea. There, they would not negotiate with a woman. Luckily my boss when occurred: no Virginia, no contract.” Since then she is on her stripes: “You have to be a little bitch. When a man is called something like a strong personality, we women are immediately a bitch. I am a proud bitch.”

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