Woman wants man to stay her 46 times put

London – The 21-year-old British Shannon came at the beginning of this year, almost to the life due to an assassination of her adulterous husband. He put the woman as 46 times, in which four of her organs were pierced. Yet, she has him act again, forgiven, and she looks forward to a future together when he is released again.

14 stab wounds in the thoracic region, 4 in the major organs, 10 in her stomach area and 18 stab wounds, spread over the rest of her body. Her husband takelde Shannon at the beginning of January quite. They ran a lung collapse and survived the attack but just, report British media.

“I thought I would die, that I actually was already dead,” said the victim last week in the court. Her homicidal husband stopped only when his parents and uncle at their house arrived.

The attack took place after Shannon two weeks before, discovered that her husband was strange was gone during a night on the town. In a letter described the woman that they already was afraid of her husband and that she had seen him change. So she decided to conscious evening on the couch to sleep. When she woke up, was the offender with a knife on top of her.

By the court, was husband Michael was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 20 years for attempting to murder. “Your wife has an unbelievable amount of luck that they survived. This was a merciless and terrifying attack on her. It was horrific, and when I look at the photos of her body and the crime scene, I can see how much blood she has lost, and the scars her for the rest of her life will stay”, said the judge during the ruling.

Shannon said during the trial that her husband already has forgiven and that she stays true. When he was about 20 years back on free foot, is to plan a family with him to settle on.

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