’Wait and see how Messi feels’

Lionel Messi is on the way back after an arm injury.

“We have the training to wait and see how he feels,” said coach Ernesto Valverde. “Given his game and his movements are going well, but we have to wait and see.”

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Messi turns back to FC Barcelona

Messi appeared to have recovered sufficiently from a broken arm to with the Catalan selection to fly to the Italian city, where Barcelona and Inter each other Tuesday take. “It is good news for the whole team to have him with us again”, said team-mate Sergi Roberto. “I don’t know if he is able to play, but it is good for the atmosphere in the group.”

FC Barcelona came the period without the Argentine without a scratch. Without Messi won the Catalans the first match with Inter and the league games against Real Madrid (5-1) Rayo Vallecano (3-2). On the question of whether it is for the team of interest is that he is back, was the Barça coach as of his piece. “Is that a serious question? It is good for him to get back to and good for us. But we will take no risks with him.”

Valverde expect a similar tough game as two weeks ago in Camp Nou. “They will still a bit more aggressive press because they play home. Inter is a fierce team that the game wants to dominate and high pressure. That has brought them success delivered and they are in good shape. It is an intense duel with a real fight.”

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