Van Bronckhorst sees ’personal schedule’ in the war kicked in

Steven Berghuis (r.) looking amused at the conversation between Bas Nijhuis, Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Maurice Steijn.

“Flawless whistled Bass”, he said smiling against Nijhuis, that the match between Feyenoord and VVV-Venlo after a minute had to shut down when the lights out. Because the problem is not solved quickly it could be done, was to Publish and forced to after half an hour waiting for the duel to stop.

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“This was not on the planning

“The public is the biggest loser,” said Van Bronckhorst. “The fans were in great numbers here come and are now all back home. It was a weird moment. For days you work to this contest and then goes after a minute suddenly the light is off. This was not on the schedule for today,” said Van Bronckhorst, who suddenly have a free evening. “Also, my personal schedule is this way in the war”, he joked. “It is as it is. It is a pity that we have not been able to play, especially for our supporters.”

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Van Bronckhorst sent his players a little on the dark Cockpit when Nijhuis had decided to to abandon a game. “The audience we would like to thank normal also and now for sure. They have but a minute.”

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