Van Bommel is refusing to complain about field

PSV-trainer Mark van Bommel is the media word.

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“There, you should totally not complain about it. That’s a minute, maybe two if we are so on the train. Then it is all over,” said the PSV coach.

“The field makes nothing to me. If you’re there to focus on, you are not doing a good job. It is a situation where you’re not prepared. That is how it is.”

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Van Bommel wants to be at Wembley revancheren against the Spurs. The leader of the Premier league had a short two weeks ago very little to bring in against the Londoners, but picked up in the final stage, still get a point (2-2).

“We weren’t good. They overklasten us, which makes the distances and spaces are much larger. It was the first time that we in their own stadium came under pressure to stand. The beauty of football is that you still a result you can get”, looked at Van Bommel Monday at Wembley to return to the game.

Or PSV Tuesday, many verdedigender going to play and gamble on the counter, wanted Van Bommel not to say. “We have several weapons in our team. Of course you would prefer to dominate, and you do not want to collapse. Sometimes you are forced to do so. Also that we can.”

PSV and Tottenham Hotspur have after three rounds, both one point. For PSV it seems third place is the highest possible. Tottenham play two more home games and has a slightly higher chance of still for second place in the group. Then Internazionale Tuesday, however, losing to FC Barcelona.

“We are in the toughest group. I had rather a different group with lesser teams. You have to be realistic that if you’re a Dutch team a very small chance to continue in such a group,” said Van Bommel on Monday. “We do not give us won, but maybe you should be happy with a sequel in the Europa League. We defend us in all ways to place four to finish.”

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