Trump: met with Putin in Paris uncertain

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump is not that he’s at the end of the week in Paris has a conversation with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. “I’m not sure if in Paris, we will have a meeting, probably not,” said Trump on Monday in Washington. “Up until now we have nothing arranged.”

In Helsinki and managed but will also in Paris happen?

Putin had a meeting suggested in the margin of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the First world War next weekend in Paris. Background was the announced withdrawal by the United States from the INF-ontwapeningsverdrag, that theatre – and medium-range ballistic missiles doesn’t allow.

Trump said Monday that he will go to Paris for reasons other than meeting his Russian colleague. “We do not know whether this is the right place.”

Trump and Putin will hit during the summit of G-20 countries, in Argentina, on 30 november and 1 december.

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