Trump and Obama are trying last convince voters

Obama shared donuts from…

The Americans withdraw Tuesday to the polls for the mid-term elections. Since polls show that the race in a lot of states extremely exciting, to put the Republicans and the Democrats Monday, all the last voters to convince.

The Americans are allowed during the midterms have their say about the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. In 36 states, is also a new governor elected. But the vote is widely seen as a referendum on the past two years in the White House from president Donald Trump.

Trump mixes so active in the election. Monday he visited the states of Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. He also had a telephone consultation with supporters, who he so wanted to encourage as many Republicans as possible to convince Tuesday to cast their vote. “Everything we already achieved, by the Democrats easily be offset if they say,” said Trump against them.

Between the conduct of the campaign, he reacted irritably to questions about the decision of various news channels and Facebook to a controversial campagnespotje, that racist would be, not longer to send out. ‘Things are insulting. The questions which you to me set, that often too, ” sneered Trump against some journalists.

Record attendance expected

The Democrats have old-president Barack Obama turned on – that is already a few days struggling with a hoarse voice. He went Monday to the state of Virginia, where the Senate a neck-to-nekrace is expected. Obama shared there donuts to volunteers. “Our fight for decency and equality is at stake,” said Obama. “Wherever I go, I notice that people are beginning to realize that they are values not as a matter of course can consider. That they have to fight.’

There is a record attendance for the mid-term elections are expected. In 27 American states was the number of people in advance has cast his vote for the mid-term elections of november 6, last weekend, already higher than in the previous elections in 2014.


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