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These are the five things You should about Bitcoin know

The mother of the crypto, the driving force for the entire crypto-market is currencies. The market capitalization of Bitcoin is about $ 110 billion (as of November 2018), representing about 50 percent of the total market. The prices of the Altcoins are correlated due to the dominant Position of the Place where to put it strongly with the price movements of Bitcoin. He is and remains the most outstanding figure in the ring. Just in time for the Bitcoin birthday week, it’s time for a few Fun Facts.

1. Bitcoins money supply is 21 million limited

Ok, you have known before. Nevertheless, the limited amount of money and the associated implicit scarcity of Bitcoin is one of the fundamental value promise of crypto-currency. It is worthwhile to call to mind again and again that the value can not be out of political calculation-diluted. If your tendency in tough times to sell a part of the painstakingly collected Coins:

By the way: In the first ten years of its existence, were already gemint about 82 percent of the total possible BTC.

2. In the USA there is the movement of the “Bitcoin Carnivory”

Yes indeed, Bitcoin Maximalists such as Saifedean Ammous, Michael Goldstein and Tone Vays, a force of a good piece of Steak to swear to the healing. So much So that they claim to have to take apart the flesh absolutely nothing. The Message is simple: only Pay with Bitcoin, and eat only meat.

The absurdity of the movement is illustrated on the basis of a response from an Interview with the Bitcoin carnivores, Michael Goldstein. To the question, what does this have to do with the love of the meat with the digital currency, answers Goldstein:

“The connection is intuitive. Bitcoin is a revolt against Fiat money and a full meat diet is a revolt against Fiat-food.“

Thank you very much.

Whether and how often you consume meat, you must of course decide for yourself. A full meat diet is nonsense, should be, but “common sense”.

What is Bitcoin Carnivory?

Watch this Video on YouTube.

3. No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is

The true identity of the author of the ten-year-old White Papers, in which the functioning of the Peer-to-Peer currency is explained, is still a mystery. Hot candidates, these personalities are:

All kidding aside. The list of”Faketoshis” is a long one. A view contender on the title, but there are: Nick Szabo. The IT specialist is considered to be extremely well-versed in cryptography, and was able to come in 1998 with a Bit of gold. A decentralized digital money system that is traded as a precursor to Bitcoin, but never about the status of the project could grow.

Further, a Stilo speaks MATIC comparing his writing style with the Nakamoto for Szabo. The Similarity of the writing style, in which the White Paper was published, has a striking Resemblance to documents that Szabo has published under his real name. This is the blogger Skye Grey 2013 revealed.

Szabo brings the necessary Skill Set to call such a complex Protocol. Is not proved it yet.

4. How much Bitcoin is in fact “value”, can’t exactly say

The concept of market capitalization is from the Finance borrowed terminology. Usually, it refers to the value of the equity of a listed company, the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the market value per share.

In the financial science, the term is defined so clearly. At the time of Transfer in crypto-spheres, some difficulties arise.

For example, it is unclear how many BTC actually circulate. Although Coinmarketcap between “circulating supply” and “total supply” (the quantity in Circulation minus destroyed BTC), how many Coins are burned, never to be seen again, knows, however, no one.

Furthermore, we know that Satoshi Nakamoto has a huge Bitcoin-assets. Which moon in the number of BTC in the Bitcoin-dad wakes up really, but also knows no one. But one thing is clear: you Should decide Nakamoto ever to throw his BTC on the market, would provide the associated turbulence.

5. Bitcoin will make us all rich

With the exception of a single year, the value of the Bitcoin to the end of the year is higher than at the beginning of the year. This exception to the chaos of the year of 2014. Triggered by the Hack of the then-largest crypto-stock exchange Mt.Gox, the courses no one country. But that was really the only exception.

Gentlemen, with proud pride, I present to you the new car that I managed to buy with the Bitcoin profits of October 😎 from Bitcoin

Whether it is this year, something that is uncertain. The Bitcoin booth at the 01. January 2018 in the case of 14.112 US Dollar. When you consider that he retracts his gains, often only in the last quarter of the year, is to create the benchmark locker.

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