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The freedom of speech-to-ECHO KW 44: Bitcoin legitimacy

The investment giant BlackRock, Bitcoin is still not kosher enough to have a BTC ETF. Reggie Browne refers to the lack of markets and data, the approval of a BTC ETF in the way. Ron Paul wants, however, to regulate better the Fed, while a majority of Americans in favour of election campaign donations in crypto-currencies. The freedom of expression ECHO the calendar week 44.

BlackRock: the Bitcoin market needs to “legitimize”

Of the largest asset managers in the world, BlackRock, and does not preclude the requirement of an exchange-traded Bitcoin Fund (ETF). However, the crypto-must-win-market-at first to “legitimacy”. The supposed anonymity of Bitcoin is especially a thorn in the eye of the BlackRock chief Larry Fink. That said, according to CNBC, the New York Times Dealbook Conference:

“I see a day where we could be engaging in electronic Commerce with a currency that could be an asset storage. But at the Moment the world doesn’t need such a wealth of memory, unless, for things not to do.“

Fink is alluding to financial crime such as tax evasion and money laundering, a topic that haunts Bitcoin since its emergence ten years ago. BlackRock since the July intensive with Bitcoin & co. The previous position of the Multi-trillion-U.S.-Dollar Corporation with “Blockchain Yes, Bitcoin: if necessary, Yes”. The latter also applies in relation to the BTC ETF.

Skepticism in the case of ETF-Guru

At least in the foreseeable future, the U.S. “ETF-Guru,” Reggie Browne sees no approval of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. As a reason for the head of ETF trading at Cantor Fitzgerald, sees a lack of data:

“The SEC is very difficult, to consider approval [of a Bitcoin ETF], because there is no data, the markets are missing,”

Browne based his Bitcoin skepticism, according to the business magazine Business Insider in a lecture on the Financial Markets Quality Conference in Washington, D.C.

Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve

The regulatory authorities should refrain from Bitcoin & co. the best of all the fingers, says, however, Ex-US Congress member Ron Paul. Instead, one should rather consider the American Federal Reserve Bank Audit. A legislative proposal called the “Audit the Fed” includes metals, among other things, the tax-exemption for transactions with alternative currencies and precious.

It was time to break the dominance of the Central Bank in matters of monetary policy:

“Confidence in the Federal Reserve, to produce lasting prosperity instead of a Boom-and-Bust cycle, is a textbook example of a popular Definition of insanity, repeating the same action, in the hope to achieve different results,”

stänkerte Paul on 29. October in his Blog against the Fed. Paul’s words are likely to fall in Parts of the Bitcoin Community on fertile ground.

World Wire vs. xRapid

Is Gestänkert also in the case of IBM and against the xRapid-platform of the company Ripple. In contrast to xRapid the competitive product of IBM, World Wire have an “open approach,” said Jesse Lund, Blockchain-Boss at IBM. If you Believe the report without indication of source on ambcrypto, pays Lund Ripple, however, for the Design of your infrastructure respect.

Bitcoin in the US election

However, it has shown a surprisingly large part of the electorate, an American, crypto-currencies, open to all. In view of the on Tuesday, may 6. November, the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States were surveyed more than one thousand electors of Clovr on the topic of crypto-currencies and election campaign financing. 60 percent of the respondents to allow campaign donations in Bitcoin & co. However, an equally large proportion of respondents crypto-donations for a possibility of foreign influence on the electoral process.

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