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Survivor of the attack on Charlie Hebdo wins prestigious French literary prize

The Prix Femina, one of the most renowned French earlier, this year to Philippe Lançon, and his novel about the attack on Charlie Hebdo. The two Belgians who had been nominated for the Femina étranger, Stefan Hertmans and Stefan Brijs, could their nomination will not redeem.

Journalist and writer Philippe Lançon was present at the editorial meeting of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, when jihadists on January 7, 2015 an attack committed. In his novel ‘Le Lambeau’ he makes a reconstruction of the attack, and he talks about the long-term rehabilitation after he was seriously wounded touched his face. For the price, were still thirteen other French books nominated.

Lançon said recently in an interview with The Standard about the attack, his life after his escape from the death and the writing process.

The two Belgian nominees handles in addition to a price. Stefan Brijs was nominated for the Prix Femina étranger for the translation of his novel ‘Moon and Sun’ (‘Taxi Curaçao’), about three generations Curaçaoënaren who each have their own way of dealing with the problems of their time to go. Stefan Hertmans had a chance with the translation of ‘Le coeur converti’ (‘The convert’), in which the author traces the steps of a prominent christian lady from the eleventh century, her life wasted for the love of a jewish boy.

The Femina étranger eventually went, however, to the translation of the book ‘the ninth hour’ (“La neuvième heure”) of the American writer Alice McDermott. Élisabeth de Fontenay received the Femina essai for ” Gaspard la nuit’.

Female jury

The Femina is awarded annually by an all-female jury. The prize was originally founded to be a counterweight to the Prix Goncourt, which invariably by men was won.

Last year, Philippe Jaenada, the Prix Femina for La serpe’. The Femina étranger went to the American writer, John Edgar Wideman, for his book ” Writing to Save a Life: The Louis Till File’ (‘Ecrire pour sauver une vie, le dossier Louis Till’).

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