Stress cause huge crisis

HELMOND – The western world is on the eve of perhaps the biggest crisis ever. The cause is stress. Man as a species no longer functions in the current society, which currently already has a disastrous impact. That says Erik Matser, clinical neuropsychologist from Helmond, the netherlands.

He is also not reluctant. ,,If we carry on as we have no atomic bomb needed to give ourselves fully to eradicate. We have a different lifestyle need to be a disaster.’

The ever-increasing cases of burn-out in the Netherlands cost to society of 20 billion euro per year, says Matser. He bases this on earlier by OECD (Organisation for Economic co-operation and Development) figures supplied. In addition, it leads to the condition in many cases to permanent brain damage.

,,In the Netherlands, about 1 in 5 people do not, as a result of stress and burn-out,” said Matser. ,,These people are by a lack of energy, literally too tired to work. It is usually of relatively young people.’

Matser: ,,By our way of life developing, many people hersendisfuncties and as a result of persistent complaints that the function can seriously hinder. Even doctors know that often it is not.’

Matser has, partly on the basis of own findings, multiple medical publications on the subject to his name. ,,We are the contact lost with who we really are. And we no longer know what we need to be healthy and stay energized.’

“Perfectionism is a dagger in the spine of young people”

Groundbreaking for Matser, who acquired an international reputation with studies of brain injury in the sport, was a talk from pediatrician Nadine Burke, of San Francisco. ,,Her finding was that persistent stress (‘Toxic Stress’) in children hersendisfuncties cause changes in the hersenanatomie.”

Matser: ,,People who have spent their youth growing up with continuous stress develop actually other connections in the brain, where the anxiety centre be activated faster, and long will remain active. That does not just go away. The consequences are often lifelong.’ Harvard Medical School also did recently that living in a stressful environment, neural pathways literally break down as a result of the continuing high degree of alertness.

Matser: ,,In our society, too many people get overwhelmed with information. Eighty percent of my own students shows, not even a day without a mobile phone and e-mail. The brain will remain permanently under high tension and can set that up for a part in many young people not process.’

At a young age important have to make choices, work under increasing pressure, those are also things that have disastrous consequences. Matser: ,,Perfectionism is a dagger in the spine of young people. Note: perfectionism is an anxiety disorder, you are sick of it.’

We need to grow up, develop in a life which fits with your mental speed and your own unique motivational setting. ,,You ask yourself in which culture is the best functioning. An accountant can fail in a company because he is not in the culture. But in a different environment, he can probably fantastic function. Why failed to Bergkamp with Inter and he will get at Arsenal a statue? He found the right environment.’

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